Crawfish Boil and Clinic Nursing

Last weekend I went to a crawfish boil. Every May, Dr. N has his annual crawfish boil, right when it’s cool enough for the crawfish to keep but warm enough to party outside. Still, a Minnesota May is never quite as warm as you think it’ll be. It’s either too cold or too wet or both. No amount of poor weather can dampen the Minnesota enthusiasm for a party. We ate crawfish (correct spelling: crayfish), shrimp, corn, potatoes, wine, beer, and all kinds of other tasty treats.

Here is a “throwback picture” of me and Chris at this event back in 2011

And here is a slightly blurry picture of me and my friend Rachel with some live crayfish this year.

Now the reason I was able to be present at the crawfish boil was my fantastic new schedule. Yay! Yes, I started my new job last Wednesday and it is going great. 

During my first shift, my manager had me shadow different members of the care team. I never realized just how many people it takes to coordinate a practice like this; nor did I realize how much goes on behind the scene. This Monday-Wednesday I had ambulatory orientation – 8 hours of computer time and several useful classes and skill practice sessions.  I was back on the floor the last couple days, working on prescription refills and care reviews. I am slowly getting the hang of how everything works together.

Last night we had our end of the year Bell Potluck. We were supposed to bring a dish starting with the first letter of either our first or last name. So Chris and I decided to bring both Butter Chicken (tasty Indian food) and Brownies. Here is a picture of many of the ringers and our fearless director.

And today was the last day for my Bible study – a tasty potluck, a fun slideshow, and a great speaker. I think May is right up there with Christmas as far as busyness and socials go… but I’m not complaining in the least! I am so thankful for all these wonderful people, and look forward to celebrating more of them next week! And some other things as well 😉

Easter Weekend

Again, I had to work Easter Weekend, just like last year. But guess what folks… this is the last time (for a long time) that I will work 12 hour shifts on a weekend!! Yay!!

I will start with Thursday, because that’s when we played handbells at the Maundy Thursday service. I really enjoyed the piece we played (What Wondrous Love) – beautiful and mournful and  exciting, just like Easter. I really love being part of a church that celebrates all these traditional elements of spiritual holidays. In college, I probably would have seen such things as archaic, but now I have grown into it!

On Friday, we had our 3rd surprise party of the year for our friend Chris PR – his first ever!  It was not what you would expect of a surprise party. Well, there were decorations, and wine, and cake and icecream, and dogs and good friends:

But our activities included Bananagrams and puzzling:

Yes, we demolished that 500 piece puzzle. And of course, the always fun “giraffe kissing”:


Finally, amongst med school partiers, no birthday is complete without sharing around the Peak Flow Meter:

So as you can see, a good time was had by all!

Saturday was Chris’s day off but I was working a 12 hour shift on bone marrow transplant. So what did my sweet husband do? Bring me lunch!! Right after that he got a call… one of his patients was ready to have her baby! Everything went well, he got home at 3AM and went to church the next day, napping intermittently. He’s something else! On Sunday I was again working a 12-hour shift on a hematology/oncology floor. After that I came home and had leftovers with  Chris before he left for his overnight shift.

Easter Monday, now… that was a good day! My mom ran the Boston marathon and did SPECTACULARLY, and this after she had suffered some crippling Achilles tendon pain. God healed her and she was able to run a 3:40! I am so proud of my mom and her 8:30 miles.

I also got to visit all of my church ladies. As a deacon, I was assigned several people to visit, and chatting with them has been so  fun and rewarding. This time, I delivered a bunch of Easter flowers that our church gets for them every year.

Well I could go on and on, about how one of my ladies fed me delectable chocolate chip meringues, or how we had Faith Fillers last night and wise ladies from Bible study tackled heavy questions like “how to influence your husband to faith” and “what is heaven like” and “why shouldn’t people live together,” or about how school is almost done for this semester. But instead I will just say… praise the Lord! He has given me a wonderful life and most importantly the ultimate gift of His Son’s sacrifice. I am so thankful and whatever may come,  I know He is in control. Happy belated Easter to all of you!