Dr. Boswell’s Day Off

Last Saturday was my husband’s day off. He works 6 days on, one day off, and most days are 12 hour shifts. The old guard of docs would shake their heads if they read this: “that’s nothing! Why when I was a whippersnapper intern we worked 120 hour shifts…”

And that was terrible, and this is better, but still rough! He deserved a real day off. So we slept in and went to Red Lobster for endless shrimp. I got a strawberry mojito and it was delicious. Lime, strawberries and mint… I’ve never enjoyed a regular mojito as they are too savory, but this was a delicious echo of the frozen mango mojito I enjoyed at the Grand Wailea in Maui. Sweet and herbilicious.

But I digress. After endless shrimp, we were full and needed a turn in the fresh air. Where better than Silver Lake,
Rochwster’s Central Park? We were thrilled to find the boating place open and we got a paddle boat and went for a spin.

The view from the boat!

The paddleboat has a little motor so we didnt have to do ALL the work. The breeze on the lake was pleasant. We rented for a half hour but once we were out we couldn’t turn back until we had navigated the canals all the way to Mayo park. There is something fun about seeing the city from another angle and of course we caught a glimpse of this mysterious symbol on one of the bridge buttresses.


After a rest we went over to a friend’s house for dinner, Sequence and our first taste of Chocowine. Note: Chocowine is wine-flavored Bailey’s.

All in all, Saturday was a great day off for both of us. Aaaand back to the grind!!

Match Day!

We headed into town this morning and caught the bus to the Foundation House (Will Mayo’s former home), where we joined Chris’s friends and classmates in the elegant stone house.  Sipping on cider, soda and sparkling water, we discussed our excitement about the upcoming revelation.

We climbed the stairs to the wood-paneled dining room. One after the other the medical students received their blue envelopes. Then right at noon everybody opened their envelopes, and the administrators uncovered a map of the United States with labeled pins in the places that people matched.

 Mayo!! We’re staying at Mayo!

(Yes, I did tear up!)

The next half hour was a flurry of congratulation and chit-chat as everyone discussed where they were going. Some people of course were happier than others – we were as happy as we could be and thankful and excited. We have put down roots here and met so many neat people. It will be great to go through the difficulties of residency in a place where we already have a support network.

So to everyone who went through the Match – congratulations!! And good luck!