Last weekend we left our doggies for the day (in the hands of a capable dog-sitter) and road-tripped with our friends to Wisconsin Dells. There was a Mayo deal and none of us had been to a water park for years so we decided that we had to do it.

We arrived soon after the park had opened and waited 45 minutes to ride a rickety wooden roller coaster. Chris got to ride it twice and our only question after we rode it was… “why did you do it twice?!” Oh, the jerking and the whiplash! Then we set to work on the water slides. We rode pretty much all the different kinds of slides. We took a break for lunch and of course at a Greek-themed park I had to have a gyro.

Here is a picture of us in front of the slides before we plunged back in:

As the day wore on, the clouds covered the sun and it grew downright cool. Of course, this being Minnesota, no one was deterred. Children were still scampering around and spraying each other in the water park area. There was still an extremely long “queue” to ride the rafts. We kept up as long as we could, doing mat rides and tube rides and cross-arm rides and “eeeeeek!” rides (aka wedgie rides).

When we were chilly enough we retreated to the indoor water park where we joined throngs of others in the hot tub. We did a couple more tube rides and then we decided we needed some fat ‘n sugar to warm up, so we headed to funnel cake world. It took 45 minutes to get to the front of the line and order our funnel cake. Then Chris thought it was hilarious to blow powdered sugar on me:


We rode one more ride, a jerky indoor roller coaster, and headed home by way of Cracker Barrel. I had never noticed how meat-oriented the menu is there until I went there with vegetarian friends. Still a delicious bite of nostalgia!

Never too old for water rides!