Cute Dog Pictures Post

February, the month of loooove! One thing I’m not loving is winter. I am accepting it because I cannot change it, but I am not loving it. Warm up already!!

I think everyone gets a little Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) this time of year, this year more than most. Even the long-time Minnesotans agree it’s been a long, cold one… and it’s only half over! “Remember we got snow in May last year,” they say, shaking their heads when I try to brightly suggest that it may be coming to an end.

So no, I don’t love winter… not this year. But what I do love are my dogs and my husband, and to celebrate that – and because I haven’t tried anything really new or daring for the past few weeks – I have a few fun doggy pictures!

First of all here is Duke looking ADORABLE with his disgusting chicken (or, as we say, “Duke con pollo“):

Duke brought that chicken with him from his foster family and it’s still intact, having outlived many other stuffed animals. Duke’s favorite place in the house, as you can tell, is the bed.

Here is Earl con elefante:

Photo: Come on, Earl, have a little dignity!

Earl’s favorite place in the house is with the humans, wherever they happen to be – the kitchen, the laundry room, the bathroom. Sometimes getting out of the shower is a challenge. He absolutely loves that little pink elephant, even though he could swallow it whole.

These boys definitely love each other. Here is an example:

Please note that the crate door is open. We have 2000 square feet in this house, two perfectly good crates, and a bed, and they still decided to curl up together!

Well, that’s all for now, folks! “Like” this if you think my dogs are adorable!

“Dogernity” Leave

The past week and a half have been like our “dog-ernity” leave as we have adjusted to doubling the size of our household and Duke and Earl have adjusted to a new home. Thankfully there have been no sleepless nights, 2 am feedings, scares, injuries or surgeries (knock on wood!) Just lots of wonderful doggy time with our precious canines.

Last weekend Chris and I worked opposite shifts, so while the dogs got to experience the benefits of having people around nearly 24 hours a day, we scarcely saw each other all weekend. One of those times was our “date” at the hospital cafeteria (which was really fun but not really a date). Just like old times, Chris is looking mischievous while drawing some chemical on a napkin.


Today the doggies met their first friend beyond the the neighborhood, a Samoyed that belongs to one of my Bible study friends. But they’ve been on lots of walks, at least one or two a day, and played with many of the neighbors kids and dogs, and of course galloped around the yard with each other. Earl loves to attack Duke and send fur flying (nothing else though – they’re padded better than football players). Here’s an action shot – as usual, Earl is tearing ahead, and Duke is trotting along behind.

Doesn’t he look poodly with all those curls?!


Speaking of fur flying, I feel like all this fluff has to be useful for something. I could vacuum every day and still not get it all up. Surely we could use it to stuff quilts or something?!

I love having dogs.

1) They make me exercise. I don’t think I have ever walked this much, this regularly.

2) Duke and Earl are always happy to see us and give us lots of unconditional love and doggy kisses.

3) We now know that we are competent human beings that can take care of and keep something else alive.

4) Finally, when other people are showing me pictures of their pets/kids/nieces/nephews… I have pictures to show them!!

5) They help us meet our neighbors. Instant conversation point! “Duke, Earl, leave it. Don’t eat the toy poodle. Oh, her name is Pepsi, and you’re Elaine? Earl, stop! By the way, I’m Ariel. Duke! Stop sniffing! Sit! Sit! Good boy.”

All right, well maybe “meet” is a strong word.

Pets are a big investment of time, money, and energy, but they are totally worth it. You can’t calculate the return on this investment because it’s companionship, and you can’t put a price on that. Yay for doggies!