I am a nurse, reader, writer, wife, and anthropologist, not necessarily in that order. I write about the things and people I care about the most, which may lead to an eclectic variety of postings. My name is pronounced like the letters R.E.L., the way Sebastian pronounces it in the Little Mermaid, and nearly the way you would say it in Spanish.

Why The Ethnography of Real Life? The term ethnography derives from Greek ethnos = folk/people and grapho = to write, and the term is used in anthropology to describe studies of people groups. For example, I did an ethnography of Latino Baptist churches for my honors thesis. Basically, people and writing (and reading about people and writing about people and watching people and taking care of people… you get the picture) are my life.

A brief biography, you say? After spending eight years in Bakersfield, California, we moved to Houston Texas where I attended middle and high school. I went to Davidson College in North Carolina, where I studied anthropology. While I was in college, my family moved to Colorado. I stayed in North Carolina for a couple years, working three jobs and finding myself, and finally got married and moved to Rochester, Minnesota.  I attended nursing school at rigorous RCTC (no, I’m serious, it’s hard) and am now doing my dream job, working as a float nurse. I love to write poetry and fiction and, now, blog entries!

The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer. I will not be revealing any confidential or proprietary information, only general nursing-related issues.

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  1. Hi Ariel. Just a quick note to say thanks for the 50th wedding anniversary wishes. Much appreciated! My sister and her husband (from Florida) and my brother (from MN) arrived to make it special. My brother’s wife had a death in her family so she stayed home and will be visiting later. We had lovely weather, good food, a mini-family reunion and just a general good time. Could you send me your e-mail address? Thanks. Love and thanks again, Carol (Bill too)

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