Things Fall Apart: An Appliance Break-up Tale

You love them. You depend on them. Your relationships last for years of mutual aid. And then – they prove unreliable, they break down, they make you break down…

I speak, of course, of appliances.

When we bought our current house, the previous owners were SO AWESOME that the original 13 year old appliances still worked like new. Of course a couple years with us and they started to act their age.

The stove: We substituted a gas range right away. T’was a festive day with a gas person, an electrical person, a stove person… it is still working great!

The microwave: working great!

The refrigerator: the old ones buzzes like a bee but I haven’t found any honey, only some other stickiness. Ordered a new one in August, hopefully will get it for my Valentine’s present!

Deep freezer: Works great! (Unless left opened then you lose your broccoli, all your meat, your icecream cake… hypothetically of course…)

The dishwasher: hold onto your hats. The control panel went out in the summer – our Boschtician declared it terminal. We couldn’t get another dishwasher until April. We ordered it and tried to fix the old one but it wouldn’t work. My amazing parents brought a simple dishwasher with only one button – it only lasted a week. The warrant people checked it out in late December and ordered the part. They showed up again on 1/13.

Guy: did the part arrive?

Me: uh no…

Guy (checks phone): it’s on back order see you in two weeks!🤷‍♀️

So we have one broken one in our house and one on order that they tell me may never come. Ahhh the sorrow of unattainable love doesn’t hold a candle to black Bosch dishwashers.

Washing machine: dead. For months it sounded like an airplane taking off. Our Boschtician sadly declared it also terminal. Something about bearings. I ordered new washer/dryer. PLOT TWIST they don’t make them the size that fits under the shelf anymore so we have to take out the shelf. The washer died a week before delivery so I am driving to my parents townhouse to wash clothes.

I am so thankful for their washing machine. Otherwise I would be beating the laundry and my head against a rock.

Dryer: let’s end on a high note. Works great and another one is coming!

I am SO THANKFUL for appliances, for repair people, for my amazing parents, that we can afford to fix and replace what we need to. I do wonder if my terrible luck at games has somehow seeped out into the world of appliances.

In closing I wish you… an appliance happily ever after!