The Blessings of Boswells

I won’t lie, I am a fan of my married last name. Easy to spell! For someone who had always been a B (Bugosh), I was excited not to go down in the alphabet. And I think it has an elegant ring to it!

Of course you should never marry someone for their last name! However one of the many joys of my marriage has been gaining another family. I am so thankful for Chris’s dad and partner James. And I am very thankful for his grandparents, Albert and Joyce.

They married young and have stayed married over 55 years – through 4 kids, ups, downs, health problems, fun vacations, family tragedies, rowdy grandkids, and now the pandemic. A marriage like that takes work, dedication… and fun and laughter too!

The Virginia Boswells, Halloween ‘66!
The Minnesota Boswells, Halloween 2020

Chris’s grandpa has a great sense of humor and excellent taste in stories; he is an expert on Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings! Chris gets his culinary talents from both sides, but Big Pop as we call him always makes us delicious meals. Lasagna and spaghetti with ribs and sausage are some of the highlights – always with carefully tended garlic bread and a delicious salad. He has acquired quite a collection of eagle decor and VW buses (thus far only the miniature variety). Noah LOVES to play with his collection.

Gma has amazing mom-sense; she still helps with her great-grand babies! She is so patient. One of my kids broke a unique snow globe and she was so kind about it – comforted the child and got the vacuum. She has a plethora of hummingbird trinkets and pictures, and keeps the birds in her garden happy with beautiful flowers and decor.

Boswells in the beautiful Backyard

For many years they hosted the family for Thanksgivings and Christmases. Even when we couldn’t make it due to training and jobs, they always made us feel included.

Pop and Gma make a fantastic applesauce cake – rich, sweet, packed with walnuts, and a little spicy. They make one for the grandkids every year and even though we aren’t local we get one too. This year they gave it to us when we were visiting in October. We ate about half of it during the rest of our time in Virginia – the perfect snack (what kid doesn’t want cake for snack?) and I liked to think it was healthy! When it came time to leave, I packed it home in my backpack and ate it from the counter in Minnesota, a delicious reminder across the country of the loving family I married into.

While this isn’t THE cake – we ate it too quickly to take pictures – this is a good representation!

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