Wrapping up the Year of Scarves

Well despite my best efforts I didn’t wear that many scarves this summer. The warm season in Minnesota is such a short precious time that I just enjoyed not having to bundle. Now we are in full bundle mode again!

First of all, I want to acknowledge that this hasn’t been the easiest year for some of my favorite people. Several dear friends and family members have faced challenging cancer journeys. They have put on scarves of courage as they face challenge, pain, and loss. My love and prayers are with you and I wish I could knit you all a scarf to show you how much I love you.

I do have a few last scarves to share… first I want to show you a delightful from my friend Sami , an infinity scarf the copper color of fall leaves. I believe the technical color was “kombucha” which I also love! It matches my son nicely 😀

Here are myself and Sami and 3/5 of the littles!

Even at Halloween in Minnesota, we know “Winter is Coming.” I used a few scarves to spice up my costume…

Here’s our fantasy-tastic family with a Savanicorn, Jon Snow, Danaerys mother of dragons, and the cutest little dragon ever. I am wearing the white pashmina I wore at my wedding – very versatile! And I needed it, we had another brrrrr Halloween this year.

Last but not least, we visited family in Virginia at Thanksgiving…. and got to see family from France! Chris’s great aunt Fay flew in for a delightful reunion.

She brought us some lovely goodies from France, including a lovely ruffled pink scarf por moi!

I have really enjoyed wearing all the scarves this year. Scarves ARE love, whether knit or bought on Amazon or brought from far away. As we approach Christmas and New Years, I have wrapped myself in a scarf of hope and friendship, and am praying for all my friends and family as we continue on the new adventure of 2020.

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