Scarves and books

In a recent post, I talked about my bookscarf – the beautiful scarf my thoughtful husband got for me with the word of Lucy Maude Montgomery prompted upon it. So in this post, I am talking about scarf books. Or rather, knitting books.

This sweet and lovely book, “Extra Yarn,” talks about Annabelle and her magical box of colorful yarn. She manages to to knit scarves for everyone in town, including all the animals, and all the buildings. Spoiler alert: an evil archduke steals her box, but finds all it contains is a pair of knitting needles. And of course the box finds its way back to her. In Annabelle’s hands, this is the in-Pandora’s box, a box of goodness helping humanity one stitch at a time. And I love this picture – everyone connected to each other by yarn.

Because yarn is love!

This little phonics book starts with Nan the mouse, alone and knitting in her store until she takes pity on some chilly insects and knits them underpants. Soon she gains a lucrative second career in undergarments for various bugs.

We all have our gifts to share and these books celebrate how precious those gifts can be to both ourselves and others, and how they can transform a community.

Whatever we make – scarves, hat, art, donations, stories – is our gift. It may not go very far. It may be imperfect, scraggly, tiny. With practice, it will get better. Like underpants for ants, it may seem silly. Like a sweater for a house, it may seem unnecessary. But never underestimate the power of a gift.

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