Shoveling! (A Guide for Warmth) (With bonus cocoa recipe)

Can it stop snowing now? Please?! I haven’t written because since we got back from Hawaii I have been shoveling about every other day. And we are going to get a lot more in the next week. And nobody at a snow-removal company is returning my inquiries (probably because they’re too busy removing the last bunch of snow).

Here’s a Hawaii picture to make us all feel warmer:

Ahhh that’s better. No scarves needed in Paradise!

So back to shoveling. I enjoy it in moderation: exercise, fresh air, occasional chance to see long-lost neighbors, and excuse to take a bath and eat carbs. This is my sixth winter of shoveling (we lived in a rental condo for four years) and I have become quite handy with our electric snowblower and shovel.

And the most important tip is – there is no bad weather for shoveling, just bad clothes. To stay warm, you need a full length coat, zipped all the way up to avoid flying snow, snow pants, waterproof mittens or gloves, full length boots, warm hat, and a scarf or neck sleeve for the face. Mittens are said to be warmer than gloves but for fine motor control of a snowblower I prefer some heavy duty gloves.

In this first picture, you can see the benefit of the furry hat. Very warm and comfortable! Also it is fun to dress up your utilitarian coat with a fun scarf.

Here is me when it’s really brrrr. You can see the snowblower in the background and I am completely matching (hat, buff, coat and snowblower!)

(Not that it matters because soon I will be covered with blown snow and look more like a snow-woman!)

If you feel your energy flagging, it’s time to warm up with a cup of cocoa.

Recipe for Amazing Hot Cocoa:

Microwave water for 1 minute 30 seconds on regular power (2 minutes works too. 1 minute is not enough.)

Stir in desired flavor of Swiss Miss

If it is before 4 PM, add small scoop instant coffee for extra zing.

If available add extra marshmallows.

Happy shoveling!