Scarves are Love

I fell in love with the yarn the moment I saw my mom holding it: a mixture of blue-green colors like the play of tropical waters, the soft texture, I watched in awe as my mom turned it into beautiful leaf-shapes. How did she do that?!

My mom’s mastery of textiles has always mystifies me. I saw her cross-stitch and sew home-made clothes and costumes as a child. As an adult, I marveled as she taught herself to knit.

My mom says the yarn is called “cyan malabrigo caracol” and she found the pattern on Ravelry.

Every time I wear the scarf, I think of the thought she poured into selecting that fabric and planning her pattern, the time she took to make it, and the love she put into each stitch.

I have beautiful hand-made baby blankets, quilts, hats a prayer shawl, and a baby sweater. In this day and age when you can buy anything, making something seems particularly precious.

This scarf feels like a hug around my neck. A hug from my amazing mom. Sometimes, scarves are love.

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