Scarfs and Scarves for All Occasions

I don’t dress up everyday. In fact, I try to avoid it as much as possible. With small children, nice clothes inevitably attract food, saliva, marker, boogers, etcetera. Since I feel like scarves go with nice clothes, this is another imagined barrier to wearing them.
But I was determined to start the year of scarves off right, so as I ran an errand in my husband’s college sweater, I decided to find a matching scarf…
Alumni pride from head to toe!
(If only Noah’s carseat were in the picture… then you would see how deep our alumni pride really goes. O Davidson, you are the best!)
I have always loved the black/white/crimson color combination and was delighted during the college search to find that my favorite college also had my favorite colors.

But I digress. Just as there are scarves for all outfits and activities, there are a plethora of meanings to “scarf.”

It can also mean to join metal or timber, to cut whale blubber, or to eat quickly. I doubt I will ever use the first two meanings, but as a parent I do tend to scarf my food down speedily.
Also, in case you were curious, both “scarfs” and “scarves” are appropriate plural forms of the noun fscarf, but only “scarfs” can also be used as a verb! 

So I encourage you – do not be afraid to pair a scarf and pajamas. Put on your long coat and boots and walk in like you own the place!

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