The Write Life

At the end of 2017, I planned to share flash fiction and nonfiction on my blog this year. I still intend to do that – eventually. Those ambitions were superseded by other great opportunities. I decided to write a novella; I also took some Coursera creative writing classes. In the last year, I’ve been trying to make time for my writing and prioritize my writing, and these two opportunities allowed me to try some new things.

After I submitted my novella, I began paying attention to the things I’d been putting on the back burner. I began to realize that in trying to live the “write” life, I may have been missing out on the “right” life. I kept hearing the Holy Spirit whisper “Seek ye First the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” I think the joy of having a “room or my own,” the space and stability to write, distracted me from a better focus.

Life consists of more than writing. While I will always write – I can’t help writing – the right life for me means following God’s leading. It means the “rite life,” following the patterns and rituals, personal and public, that I do in pursuit of God. It means the “wright life,” pursuing my vocations as a nurse, a mother, and a Bible study participant and sometimes leader.

Our lives are full of activities both mundane and sublime. Sometimes we are wiping out toddler potties; sometimes we are reading or writing poetry. “So whether you eat or drink” or work or stay home or write or nurse or potty train “do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:3). That is my goal for this year, as our lives change forever, as we go from a family of 3 to family of 4. Whatever challenges or joys lie ahead, I am thankful to walk with God through all of them.

The Holy Spirit continues to remind me that God is in control. Two weeks ago, we went to a Newsboys concert. The Newsboys were my favorite group in middle school and their songs were formational in my faith, and their current lead singer, Michael Tait, was in my other favorite group, DC Talk. During the concert, Michael Tait said, “We’re not called because we’re talented. We’re talented because we’re called!” The true value of our gifts and talents becomes apparent when we surrender them to God.

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