We’re having a…

A few weekends ago, we celebrated my husband’s 30th birthday. He is an incredible guy and has been through a lot in 30 years – academic success, medical school, marriage, cancer, house ownership, residency, fatherhood, and getting a real job. So when he said he wanted to go to a Brazilian steakhouse for his birthday, I said, “You betcha!” And I planned a few surprises for his un-surprise birthday party .

First, I had invited my dad. We knew he was coming, but I hadn’t read his flight information very carefully and was sure he was coming on Friday. So when he texted me on Thursday and said he was at the airport I said “what?! Awesome!” He walked in to surprise Chris at handbells, and we got to spend all day Friday together!

Second, Chris’s dad and partner had secretly planned to come as well. We walked into the party room on Saturday evening and – there they were, all the way from Virginia!!!

Another surprise for the guests – the beautiful chemistry-themed birthday cake was also a gender reveal cake. We figured it was a great time, with so many friends and family already assembled.

After a delicious dinner of meat on sticks – so tasty for this iron-craving mama – we cut into the cake and found pink frosting! “It’s a girl!”

As we drove home, I was thrilled but surprised. This time I had been sure it was a boy. Of course I love our daughter and baby girls. I began to look forward to our girls being best friends, sharing a room, not having to buy new clothes…

We got home and I double-checked the genetics report hidden in my bedside drawer.

Y chromosome material present?!!! Male fetus?!!!

I walked out of there, stunned, waving the paper at my family. “The cake decorator got it wrong!”

A glance at the report revealed the problem… it’s very confusing to read. I had just printed it from my record and handed it to her – NOT the best idea. I should have had a friend look and tell her!

So then we had to call all the guests and family we had already notified and let them know….


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