Anthro in Action 

A decade ago, I graduated with my degree in anthropology, unsure where that study would take me. I had decided against a life in academia, and I wished at some points over the next few years that I had double-majored in something more directly applicable to the job market. However, I was always thankful for what anthropology taught me and the amazing people I met because of it. 
When I was doing my senior thesis, I did a whole chapter about “Thanksgiving Tamales.” The church I visited had an Anglo American and a Latino population, and they came together for a Thanksgiving potluck with tamales, tacos, turkey and all the fixings. It was delicious and fascinating; it was a highlight of my year. 

Ten years later, I found my way to an English class/Bible study for the international ladies who come to Rochester. They are usually here for a year or two as their husband does research or a fellowship at Mayo. These ladies are brilliant and accomplished; many are doctors or nurses back home, and most have two or three children that they are caring for while navigating a challenging new culture and difficult language. I am teaching them conversational English this year; thankfully they all know English already, so I am just attempting to add a few phrases to their lexicon. 

As I attended a potluck social with these women and we talked about their lives back home, and ate delicious Korean and Japanese food, I felt a sense of deja vu and remembered our “Thanksgiving Tamales.” Then I felt elated – this was anthropology in action! 

Of course an anthropology degree is not necessary to join an international Bible study, or to qualify me to be an English teacher, or to give me a heart for welcoming people from other countries. However, I truly believe my Anthropology experiences opened my eyes and heart to other cultures and taught me important things about recognizing my ethnocentrism and the power of food to bring people together. 

I still don’t know where God will use all my life experiences, my gifts and talents. I love to write and am still searching out where, when and how He plans to use that drive. However, I know where I saw him this week – at a potluck with women from all over Japan and South Korea, enjoying some deliciously unfamiliar delicacies, reminding me that He works all things together for good. 

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