When I Feel God

When I see his creation – the crescent shadows of the leaves mirroring the eclipse. When I see a dramatic sunset, purples, pinks, and reds. Or a sunrise – the brilliant colors. Either one at a beach. Anything at a beach, where I feel his power in the ocean. When I see a waterfall or feel the gravity of the mountains. 

When I see the life He has created: a rabbit with the sunlight in its pink ears, quivering, watching me while pretending to ignore me. A bold redwing blackbird singing his defiant song as he guards his territory. A blue heron standing on the edge of a pond, sipping the small silver fish, winging away when I get too close.

When I feel a warm breeze blow and I feel like He is caressing my cheek, whispering to me in a language I don’t yet know. 

When I listen to a beautiful hymn or solo or play handbells at church and feel caught up in the music, in praise to him. Sometimes I want it to just keep going forever and I think that’s what heaven is like, eternal music. 

When I get a sweet tender sleepy sticky hug from my daughter and realize what a blessing, what a privilege it is to be her mom, even though I have to muddle through helping her grow into a functional adult. When I spend time with my friends from around the world and family members and feel part of a vast and caring clan. 

When do you feel God?