The True Morals of ┬áCommon Baby Books

In the past I read a lot of great books… novels, nonfiction, memoirs, travelogues, you name it. I am so thankful for the Rochester Public Library.

But recently most of my reading takes place with Savannah. I know our board books quite well. A little too well, some would say…

1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Comments: I love this book but I have to wonder what medication they were taking when they saw a blue horse and a purple cat.

Moral: Animals see animals, teachers see children, and children can see everything.

2. The Mitten 

Comments: The coexistence of this many prey and predator animals seems unlikely… And white mittens are a bad idea for other reasons too.

Moral: Yarn stretches like you wouldn’t believe! And sharing is caring. 

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Comments: This book reminds me of me when I’m breastfeeding. 

Moral: you’ll feel better if you don’t eat too much on Saturday and just eat that green leaf.

4. Good Night, Moon

Moral: Little bunnies will say goodnight to anything – even mush and nobody- to avoid going to bed.

4. Good Dog, Carl

Moral: It’s okay for your dog to babysit your kids… Although you may want to leave the nanny cam on.

5. Each Peach Pear Plum

Moral: Gun control is important, especially for baby bear (that kid is reckless!) And, pie brings everyone together, even people who were shooting arrows at other people pages before.

OK Savannah and I are going to go read my new favorite board book from the library, A Carnival of Cats. If you have other kids’ books of which you would like to know the true moral, mention them in the comments!