Thanksgiving was amazing. It was Savannah’s first Thanksgiving and our first time hosting. There is so much to be thankful for. God has blessed us so much this year.
I am thankful for my amazing husband and precious daughter.
I am thankful for my sweet parents and awesome sister, who came out to visit even though my sister had just had SURGERY, and were willing to watch Savannah even though I forgot to teach them how to use the car seat and stroller (NOT intuitive!)
I am thankful for my loving doggies.
I am thankful for a job I enjoy, a kind and caring boss, and sweet coworkers.
I am thankful for my husband’s mad cooking skills. He cooked a DELICIOUS turkey and fixins. And this on one of maybe 4 days off in a month.
I am thankful for the ladies in my Bible Study…
And our great Rochester family at our church.
I am thankful to live where we live… When we live… And have the freedom to make decisions (like where we should live!)
Most of all I am thankful for God’s grace. He sent his own son to be a vulnerable baby, to grow up and die for us. And even though He is far greater than our universe, He is with us through everything both good and bad – every baby giggle and every sleepless night, every joy and every sorrow. Praise be to Him!

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