Fun Things We Did in the Past 3 Months

After our Babymoon, which was A-MAZ-ING, we settled in to stay and home and be bored during the long slow grind of the third trimester. Yeah right.

  1. Memorial Day in Minocqua!

I drove up to visit my grandmother in northern Wisconsin and got my first taste of “lake cabin vacation.” We had a great time checking out the local shops, hiking on the nearby trail (lots of Braxton Hicks for me!) and making ourselves tasty food.


2. Visit with Becky

My mother-in-law came out for a visit so we could spend some time with her WITHOUT a baby. We had a great time – we took a nice trip through Minnesota and Wisconsin, and she and Chris tried some local brews and wines. We did get a flat tire but the local shop, Elmer’s in Fountain City WI,  took care of it in no time.

3. Black River Falls Again

We spent a long weekend in Black River Falls and had a fantastic time, as we always do. My mom and sister came up for a short time as my sister prepared to head back to French camp. We got to go boating, paddle-boarding, kayaking, horseback riding, rope-swinging… well, I didn’t do all those things, but I did what I could!


4. Fun Time with Mom

My wonderful mother sacrificed time and energy to come out the day before my due date, just in case Baby decided to be on time, which of course she didn’t. But we did get to spend a fun week together. My mom singlehandedly installed a new mailbox for us and weeded our jungle,I mean, back flower beds. We also had fun trying to get labor going, e.g. eating sushi, taking lots of walks, eating eggplant parmesan…

It may have been the ambitious walk with our church group at Quarry Hill that got things started as I went into labor the next day! I was picturing an easy stroll on the paved path, but we ended up doing some serious back-woods scrambling… what a blast!!!


5. Becoming Parents

Definitely the best thing I have done this summer – or ever!!! We welcomed our daughter Savannah on July 28th at 3:13 pm, and she has transformed our lives. Not to sound trite, but I never did know how much you can love someone who can’t really reciprocate (at this stage at least)…. or how natural the transition could be… or how much fun having a little person can be. I’m pretty sure most if not all of my future posts will revolve around her.


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