It has now been two months since our Babymoon, but I have to post some pictures of one of the funnest trips I have ever taken with my hubby. We knew this was the last trip for awhile that we would be taking without having a kiddo to worry about (whether you take ’em along or not, you worry about them!) We wanted to go someplace warm but someplace not too far away since I would be in my second trimester. Florida was the natural choice. Since I am a big CSI Miami fan, that was top of my list.

We got our choice of cars in Miami and of course we had to pick a red one. What we didn’t realize is that Miami is actually a network of toll roads… good tip for next time!

My top 5 from our trip…

1. Vizcaya

Talk about tropical ruin! I love beautiful old houses and this one is right on the water. In fact there is a beautiful tea house right by Biscayne Bay….

And gardens! They are a bit overgrown… or lost to follow-up… but glorious nonetheless. Inside the house, there are tons of guest rooms with esoteric themes and beautiful decorations purloined from Europe. There was also a very nice cafe where we had a tasty lunch and admired the local wildlife, er, feral cats.

2. The Everglades Tram Tour

I heard a lot of hype about this, but it was truly fascinating. Sure, you can bike the loop if you want to do all that work, but it was a lot more fun to ride on the bus and have the helpful tour guide find the baby alligators for us. Plus they let us get pretty close to the local fauna…

   I have never seen so many alligators or so many cool tropical birds. Nor had I ever realized how “dry” the Everglades really are. It’s not the swamp I had imagined and is very, very cool.

3.  Tasty Treats in Key West

We only had a day in Key West but it was pretty sweet… literally! The Chelsea House upgraded our reservation so I wouldn’t have to hike my belly up the stairs. We had a nice dinner at a local spot and an amazing dessert at another local place that specializes in dessert. If you google it, I’m sure you’ll figure out why it shall here remain nameless. But here is a picture of my stunning dessert:
4. Water Sports in the Keys

We went a little crazy on vacation, I won’t deny it. Chris did some scuba, I snorkeled, we paddle-boarded and Chris went parasailing while I rode on the boat. The captain seemed apprehensive that riding on a boat would jumpstart labor but to everyone’s relief that did not happen. The underwater camera we got lent everything a cool filtered feel.

Here are a couple pictures of us rockin’ the water sports!!

(From late third trimester, I have to say I can’t believe my baby bump was that small!)

5. Maternity Photos

One of my favorite parts of our babymoon was getting some professional pictures taken by Margeaux Boles (look her up, she’s amazing!) She took us to her favorite beach for some GORGEOUS shots. Getting pictures taken of yourself can be exceedingly awkward but she was so fun to work with that we forgot about that and really enjoyed ourselves.

Definitely the best part of the week was spending time just with Chris. It’s been awhile since we’ve been by ourselves, no friends no family no distractions, for a week, and it was glorious. I am so thankful for him and treasure every minute, whether in exotic Miami or beloved Rochester… or wherever we end up next!