Exciting News, V-day and Random Parties

Back in January we told the rest of the world that we are expecting Baby Boswell in July 2015. We could not be more excited!!! This baby is such a blessing. Also I have been very blessed in a relatively smooth pregnancy – B6 and Unisom took care of my nausea, except for the time when I had a nasty stomach bug.

In February we had a fantastic V-day weekend. Chris had a rare 3-day weekend and we spent Friday evening at the Quarry Hill Candlelight Ski. Our first ski was under a cloudy sky that reflected the lights back and we could see perfectly. We came back for chocolate cake, champagne for Chris, and fun conversations with interesting people in the nature center lobby. Then things got crazy…

A friendly fox snake made the rounds. It was SO COOL.

The next day we headed to Black River Falls with a stop over at our favorite donut shop in Winona, Blaedow’s. It was a little too cold for horse riding, at least that first day, but we did get to watch the dogs gambol in the snow. The next day we went for a snow hike. As usual, it was relaxing, refreshing, and completely fun.

We’re having a baby… one of the big questions is “will we find out what we’re having?” After hemming and hawing, I was like “of course!” Figuring out life with a baby will be enough of a surprise for me without mentally having some idea of what GENDER to expect. (But that’s just us… completely respect those who can do delayed gratification for 10 months!) So we had our ultrasound and everything looked good – the tech gave us one envelope for the bakery and one for us. So no, we didn’t know beforehand!

On the big day, we had a little party and facetimed in our families. We tried to keep to a pink and blue theme.And it’s not a party without a Daube’s cake!

We had some voting, but no gambling (that I know of). I was pretty sure it was a boy. Big placenta, everyone in my office is having a girl… all I’d been thinking of were boy names!

The big moment came. We got everyone on the technology (3 apple products and a computer) and we sliced into the cake…

IT’S A GIRL!!!! Can you tell we wanted a girl? đŸ™‚ Of course would have loved a little boy too… but we are really happy that it’s a girl!

Well that’s a lot of news in one post!! We are excited about the next 18 weeks(ish) before we meet Baby Girl Boswell!

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