Fall Adventures Part 2 – Thanksgiving!

At the end of November we did something crazy. We packed up the dogs without their crates and took off on an epic cross-country road trip to Colorado. We stayed the night at a cheap motel in Des Moines… it was pretty dog-proof but it was also extreeeeemely sketchy. Thankfully nobody broke into our car and we made it safely to Colorado for lots of food, family, and fur.

On Sunday, we reunited with our Minnesota family (ironically) for some homemade Swedish meatballs. Here are the chefs doing the honors:

Chris whipped up three recipes worth of Alton Brown’s Swedish meatball recipe and that proved to be just enough for our hungry horde. We also played a lot of games and watched the snow fall. And took fun group pictures:

The next day, we headed to Denver to visit my dad’s parents and they took us to lunch at Lucile’s Cajun Cafe. Po’ boys, beignets, amazing pancakes, homemade relishes and jellies – this place is awesome!!! In the evening, we went out to eat at an awesome Greek place to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

The next day my grandparents came up and we did a tasty roast. On Wednesday, we had our “Denver Day” – we headed to an Air & Space museum in Denver and then an Avalanche game. I’ll confess, I was a little apprehensive about both being a little too much testosterone. But I was pleasantly surprised… I learned a ton at the museum about how airplane cockpits are set up… and how another Amelia Earheart completed the original Amelia’s flight just last year…. and how cool airplanes look when they are suspended from a hangar ceiling… And the Avalanche game was a rush!! It was hard to take my eyes off the ice!! It was a close game against the Black Hawks. I can see the appeal of hockey!

Thanksgiving. Granny and Uncle Dave made their way to us through a ridiculous amount of traffic, and we had a brined turkey and all the fixins. As we went around the table and talked about how thankful we were, I couldn’t help tearing up… I am so blessed by my wonderful family and being able to be with them this holiday season.

It took a long time to digest that Thanksgiving meal but we did manage to force ourselves and 3 dogs on a nice hike the next day up to the Devil’s Head fire look out. Yes, our dogs came up the stairs with us. Yes, it was hard to get them down safely.

We got to see some long-lost friends from Roch that night. They were kind enough to drive all the way to our Red Robin in Castle Rock when we got stuck in a nasty random hour long traffic jam on I-25. Ah, le traffic, I don’t know how to do it!

Our dogs had a great time in Colorado. They really enjoyed seeing their dog-uncle and aunt, Shad and Sofie, and running all over the national park. Everybody got along and there were no incidents (besides a few shredded Santa toys).

On Sunday we headed back and drove straight through… and we survived! Praise God for no lost dogs, illnesses, or car issues on this trip. We had a FANTASTIC time in Colorado. Up next… our holiday adventures!

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