Fall Adventures Part 1

I have been on a bit of a hiatus – apologies to my dear readers, particularly my granny. The fact is that working an extra 8 hours a week translates into an extra DAY a week of exhaustion and a day week less of getting life done. So to preserve my sanity I took a break, and a good thing I did. I am still certifiably sane.

But now, let me catch you up on our adventures. In October we went to visit our friends in Black River Falls and had a stunning weekend of horseback riding, hiking, getting drunk on fall color, and exploring the town of Black River Falls. Here is a shot of Chris on his noble steed:

For Halloween we decided to go as “Cowboy and Alien” a play on a movie I think is quite good. It is the best modern Western with a sci-fi twist and a theme of redemption. How can you beat that?! Apparently I stand alone in that opinion. The first party at a friend’s house was a complete blast. We actually ended up hosting the second party through sheer chance – a fellow resident had planned to host it and then one of her patients went into labor. You can just never tell when these babies are going to come! Here we are (I decided to be the alien from Avatar, the least unattractive alien I could come up with).

Chris’s birthday was celebrated in the hospital as he was on call. I did smuggle in a candle for him to blow out. The next weekend we had Chris’s birthday party, complete with Daube’s cake, rock band, and a remarkably color coordinated group of guests (seriously, it’s like we planned to all wear black, blue, or green!). Our youngest guest slept right through a raucous rock band set.

Our epic Thanksgiving trip deserves its own post, so this will have to do for now. As you can see, it hasn’t been all work and no play! We have been supremely blessed this fall!

I am so thankful for our amazing family that came to visit in September and welcomed us with open arms in November, and that has supported us from afar with cards and phone calls… for continued good health for both of us… for our Rochester family of friends… for my wonderful Tuesday night Bible study… for my church’s willingness to invest in our new parish nursing ministry… for my new job, the great people I work with and AMAZING hours… and finally for this life with Chris and our sweet doggies. And thankful for all of you, keeping up with us from afar by reading this blog.