Outer Banks!!!

A lifetime ago – I mean, three weeks ago – we headed off to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to enjoy some quality time and sunshine with Chris’s mom and her best friends, who are now our dear friends. We had a fantastic time.This is the house we stayed in, “Soulshine.” 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 5 TVs, a hot tub, dog-friendly… how could we go wrong?!! (We couldn’t! It was perfect!)

I am a sunrise FIEND so I took about a million pictures of beach sunrises…

We ate and drank a lot of course… Hurricane Moe’s for happy hour, the Black Pelican for a nice dinner out, and John’s for a tasty lunch (oh, the fried okra!) Chris and his Papa made kabobs one night, and a shrimp boil another night.

Growing up, Chris came to this beach with these folks every summer on the very same week, so it was really fun to be able to join them for the tradition this year. The night of the shrimp boil we all gathered on the couch for a nice group shot.

Throughout the week Chris got lots of sweet kisses from his “sister” Rosie. She’s an affectionate little thing…

Back in Richmond, we spent a couple more days spending time with family.

It was so nice to get away and see our family in the East and chill on the beach – but we were also really happy to get back and see our pups!!

Up next… pictures from my parents’ visit!

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