Attention – this is unheard of! In the past 5 weeks we have seen all of our parents and grandparents- individually! There was no wedding, graduation, or anything else… just weekend visits and vacation!

Back in August my dad’s parents visited… then we went to the Outer Banks and saw Chris’s side of the family.

Then last weekend my grandmother began her epic trip back to Colorado, and we reunited with her at the Kernel in Owatonna. The special was French toast with raspberry fritter bread. I don’t know what raspberry fritter bread is, but I can attest that the food is delicious! The birds apparently thought so too because they kept trying to get in. Poor birdies.

And this weekend, my amazing parents came to visit. Soon after they arrived, the door mechanism broke. Thank goodness my folks were in town! We might never have left the house. Or if we had, we might have gotten locked out. Anyway, I was very thankful for their knob-replacement skills.

We had gorgeous fall weather so we went and played disc golf in Stewartville with the doggies. Chris nearly hit a deer with his disc!

The dogs were very interested but I wouldn’t let my dad sic ’em on the poor little deer. It did seem pretty unafraid of us, though. Maybe it knows that discgolfers couldn’t hit if they tried (it’s when they’re not trying that they’re dangerous).

Here we are after our game. Thankfully for me, we didn’t keep score.

That night we hit Rochester’s night life. We bought some books at Barnes & Noble… chocolates at Stam… ate dinner at Victoria’s… and headed home to watch Cowboys & Aliens. Laugh all you like, that movie is great, with some powerful themes of redemption, top-notch acting from James Bond and Hans Solo (I mean, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford), great music, and exquisite scenery. Highly recommended – and I found it in the $5 bin at Walmart!

This morning I dragged dad to our first practice and flute choir – and we were all glad he was there!! He could actually count his measures! And his flute sounded great once he took the cleaner-stick out of it.

It’s always hard to see family go. I love Minnesota and our family here, but the time we spend with our blood family is so very precious. I am counting down the days until I see them again.

Well, before I close out this entry, a word of warning. I may be a particularly poor poster in the months to come. I am taking three classes. I am also working 32 hours/week, co-leading my Bible study, and prayerfully getting our parish nursing ministry off the ground. I can use all the prayers I can get – and may be a delinquent blogger for a semester or two. But don’t worry. I’ll be back!

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