A Visit from the Grandparents!

Almost two weeks ago my grandparents drove all the way from Colorado to visit. Before they came they had mentioned that they would like to have some donuts from our favorite place – Bloedows in Winona. So we drove all the way there and back with the doggies – and played a round of disc golf on the way back.

We had a great time except sadly WINONA CITY PARKS DON’T ALLOW DOGS. WHO DOES THAT?!!!!! So we had to sit and eat a snack on this random park bench:


But oh, the glazed croissants!

My grandparents came in the afternoon and we had a wonderful time. They came over to our house and we went to Beetle’s for dinner. Grandma and I had a couple of our favorite drinks, the name of which I will not post, but I will refer you to Candy Dulfer… 

The next day Chris had to work a call shift. So I did what everyone wants to do when they visit family – took my grandparents to the hospital! We stayed strictly to the visitor areas of course. Chris met us for a brief snack between discharges in the courtyard:

I also took my grandparents to the St. Mary’s chapel. It is absolutely breathtaking… you would never expect such a stunning spiritual space in a hospital. Even for non-Catholics, it is a holy and precious place to pray. 

After that we headed to the mall and then to Applebees for another tasty meal (and sassy drink!) Then we bid our fond farewells. 

Our doggies loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa, and really enjoyed their new toys. They got a “puppy” that has nearly taken the place of Duke’s favorite chicken. Cylindrical toys are very popular in their world. They also like their new beaver. One evening when we were at the hotel, one of the housekeepers had a little doggy.

Doesn’t it look like a mini-Duke?! Don’t get any ideas, Chris! 🙂 

Well, I’ll be posting soon (maybe even tonight) about our 4-day weekend adventures all over Minnesota!!!

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