Mocha, Mochi, and Momsickness

My sister came to stay with me last week and we had a great time. On my day off we headed to the Asian grocery. My sister was craving mochi, an Asisan treat of red bean paste wrapped in rice flour. After we found that, we wandered to St. James Coffee next door for a mocha and a smoothie. It was a fantastic, if slightly trippy, global fusion snack.

A few days later we headed to the fair. The Remix made me extremely nauseous, I guess I’m getting too old for disaffected carnies to spin me around in dilapidated machines. After my stomach had recovered, however, I enjoyed some cheese curds, fried pickles and other goodies. Plus my sister got to pet a chick.

A few days later my mom showed up. Anna and I were extremely relieved. My mom has been on a long hike and we were both feeling “Momsick” without being able to talk to her. 

On Sunday, the three of us headed back to Lanesboro for another day of fun. We had lunch at Pedal Pusher’s, then wandered about some of the paths around town. We headed to the park and played on the tire swing, then grabbed some icecream at a local icecream shop. 

The only thing Lanesboro lacks is a bookstore. If I win the lottery, I will totally buy a bookstore and live in Lanesboro while Chris runs a part-time concierge clinic. Any backers?

On our way back from Lanesboro we decided to take the scenic route through Rushford. To our surprise that particularly cross road was closed for construction. That’s Minnesota summer for you!!! Instead we drove down to Houston and then set off through the hills back to Rochester.  This is some of the most stunning country in Minnesota… rolling hills, fields, and forests, red barns, the dark sweep of the Root River… 

Does anyone else think that hay bales in a green field are beautiful?

I had a great time with the Bugosh girls and was very sorry to see them go!!! 

Another fun thing that happened this week… we threw an real all-American baby shower for my friend Meni from Chile!! A picture of the lovely ladies at the baby shower.

Well, the summer is flying by. I’m looking forward to seeing a few more family members before it’s over. Viva la fiesta! 

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