“Take Me Out…”

Tis the season… of new residents! They began arriving in mid-June and by now they are settling into life in Rochester. Naturally, the residency has thrown a handful of welcome events and we are getting to know the new first year residents.  Last week, a bunch of first and second years headed to a Honker’s game for a night out on the town. If you’ve never been to one, the best part is the “beer batter.” If one particular player on the visiting team strikes out, draft beer is $2.

Alas, they do not have a sangria batter. I checked. And yes, they do serve sangria.

Of course to go with the beer we had to try some “cowboy bites” (spicy corn nuggets) and “funnel fries” and fried pickles.  And take a picture with Slider. And celebrate when the Honkers pulled out a late inning WIN. Woohoo!

A couple nights later was Bark in the Park, one of a couple summer evenings that dogs get to enjoy the spectacle of baseball.

As you can see, the boys were all very excited to be going to a game!

Once we got there, the sponsoring pet store handed out goody bags with treats, more treats, and doo-doo bags (and tickets for a raffle that we didn’t win). We found our way into the stands and watched the game.

Duke and Earl didn’t seem to enjoy the game. But they did enjoy sniffing other dogs… and begging neighbors for pieces of hotdogs… and eating treats.

Win or lose, “America’s pastime” is still a great way to spend a summer evening!

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