Ready, Set… Go!

Last weekend we celebrated medical school graduation. While Chris graduated last year, most of his friends did an additional master’s degree (MPH, MFA, MBA, social work…) and either graduated this year or will graduate next year. The sweetness of celebrating graduation is tempered by the bitterness of goodbyes. So many goodbyes…

Here is a picture from our friend Nicole’s fantastic graduation party with me and several of our good friends and grads: Abby, Nicole, Larisa, and Yingying:

Tuesday was my birthday; Chris brought me Vietnamese food at work! He had to work evening shift and I went to a church meeting, so it was a pretty staid birthday.

But the next day we had some people over. It was a weeknight, so we had pizza, icecream cake, and rock band and went to bed at a reasonable hour – HA. Here is a picture of me blowing out my candle (we had only had one candle in the drawer):

I got some great b-day presents including Thor 2, some awesome Paris guides, some beautiful pictures for the wall, and money for our Paris trip which is right around the corner….!!!!

Today I did something very out of character for me. I signed up for and jogged the MedCity 5K, and made it to the end with only 1 episode of walking. If you must know, my time is available online… let’s just say I did better than 12 minute miles (but not by much). I ran into my classmate Diana and her boyfriend Dan at the race. Here is a picture of us  (Diana’s feet were hot so she took her shoes off):

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this is at least a 3,000 word blog entry. So farewell for now… more updates next time! 🙂

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