BRF, Corned Beef & Cabbage, and the Plague

On Saturday, Chris and I made our way to La Crosse (which is two separate words… who knew?!) and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Piggy’s. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a nice restaurant! Our host, Dr. P, had made arrangements for us to join the local medical society for their semiannual gathering. We heard from a very interesting speaker pioneering a new kind of clinic, basically cash for services with a lot of forgiveness involved, without any middlemen/insurance/coding involved. Or nurses, for that matter.

Then we headed to the borough of Black River Falls for 24 hours of bliss. We slept… we ate amazing food… I went skate skiing for the 2nd time ever and actually enjoyed it. As Dr. P says, skate skiing allows you to extend the skiing season into the slippery/icy time of year. This time, we were attempting it on a flat surface rather than hilly slopes, and that proved much better for getting the hang of it. Whew, what a work out!

Of course we had to do the occasional chore, like Chris carrying the grain out for the horses…

Then we went for a horse ride, although the conditions were deplorable – there was glaze ice on many of the trails, slippery for horses even with winter shoes, and the streams were iced over so that the horses broke through with each step. We still had a good time, though there was not much cantering or jumping. Instead all of the adrenaline surges were related to fear of falling.

Then we joined Dr. P and his daughter and son-in-law in sorting through his eclectic rock collection. After playing with some of these rocks, I’m ready to move to New Mexico and become a crazy crystal lady. There is something so cool about holding and sorting and touching these different stones. He even has an old boyscout set with a sample of “uranium;” to my disappointment, the radioactive ore looked pretty boring and white.

We ate fajitas and drank margaritas while playing clubs with Dr.  P’s wife and finally headed back around 8. 

On Wednesday I had corned beef and cabbage (for the first time in my life, I think!) with one of my church ladies, O. She was an absolute doll and made me lunch.

I was pleasantly surprised – corned beef is downright tasty! I will definitely try to recreate this sometime. Most of all, I enjoyed my time with O.

In the midst of all this Chris and I have been battling the Plague – I mean, a cold. At least we think it’s a cold, a very long-lasting cold. I got it early last week and then started feeling better this weekend. But alas, it was the “surge” before the relapse. Then the sinus drainage started and I had to actually call out sick on Tuesday, which I never do. Chris hasn’t been feeling great either. 


So we’ve been doing the usual – taking cold medicine and zincs, drinking hot tea, laying low (as much as possible) and resting. Please pray that this cold moves on and that it afflicts no one else!


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