My Weekend to Work… or not!

Every three weeks, my weekend to work comes around, as regular as clockwork. This one was particularly depressing because it was “Spring Forward.” If you get up at 5:30 – it feels like 4:30! Fanfreakingtastic! But this weekend, thanks to lucky class scheduling and a thoughtful trade, I only had to work Sunday.

On Friday night we made pomegranate martinis – basically a Cosmo with pomegranate juice. In lieu of martini glasses we used mini jam jars, and instead of a cocktail shaker we used an empty, cleaned out, thoroughly sanitized salsa jar. Sheer brilliance! Here is a picture of the cute bartender:

I got to spend Saturday morning with my hubby before he went in to his emergency rotation… and we went to Culvers!! At times I think about becoming a vegetarian, but then I have a butterburger and I am forced to re-evaluate my priorities.

Saturday night I went to a Girls Night some fourth year medical students. We had wine and pita pizzas and made ourselves a chocolate pudding cake. Nicole’s husband joked that we should braid each other’s hair and paint each other’s nails. Of course, Nicole got out the nail polish!

Sunday was Spring Forward and it was hard to get up – nor was my sleep the most restful, because I was worrying in the back of my head that my phone wouldn’t reset. Thankfully, both my phone and the alarm clock are “smart” and read the appropriate times when I got up. Then staffing called to tell me I was going to Methodist. I worked on one of the hem/onc/bone marrow transplant units, and I had a great day. I thought I was going to float at 11 – but noooo, I kept my patients (and the unit shared their tasty potluck with me!(. Then I thought I was going to float at 3… but nooo, instead another nurse gave me her three patients, including a discharge that should have been a piece of cake. That lady was raring to go, she just needed that last unit of blood to go in and she wheeled away.

Alas, things proved more complicated than anyone ever hoped, and I was still talking to people about the discharge 3 hours after the patient left the floor. What a mess! But it all worked out. I got by with a little help from my friends, I mean, fellow nurses.

So this has been a great week of socializing and friendship and good work experiences. And best of all, IT WARMED UP! We got a taste of March with temperatures in the 40’s and the snow is melting away (although that means it is exposing a tremendous amount of poo for me to pick up). Praise the Lord, spring is in the air!

Yes, I know the snow will come back, but I hope temperatures above 0 are here to stay 🙂 

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