Changing the Locks

After being blond for over twenty-five years, I finally decided to try something else. My hair is naturally a “bronze” color – what some call dishwater blond (shudder!). It has been highlighted bronze and permed bronze, but it has never been any color other than brownish gold. Until… last week I at last took the plunge and headed to the local beauty school, where after nearly permanently dyeing my hair red they did a semi-permanent color.

Here is a before shot from our time in Virginia (with the orchids):


And here’s an after shot from today at Nupa:

I like it. I feel like it brings out my eyes. And yes, Chris likes it too.

Since we got back to Rochester, it has been go, go, go… and cold, cold, cold! Classes started two weeks ago and this semester is definitely more challenging than last semester. With Public Health and Evidence Based Practice, I will be busy in the coming months. Chris is finishing up outpatient cardiology (a fantastic rotation!)… and will be going onto four months of ICU, ED, and inpatient service. As you can imagine, he will be busy as well. Very busy.

One thing I am really excited about, however, is the book we are reading in Bible Study. We are doing True North by Gary and Lisa Heim, all about choosing to “go north” and follow God’s way in tough situations rather than “go south” and follow our sinful human urges. This book is full of truth, and I end with a quote:

“We really don’t know where we’re at with God until we face difficulty. Trouble and hardship, big or small, will expose what is truly in our hearts” (p. 31). 

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