Whirlwind Visit to Virginia

On Friday we headed into Denver and took a plane to Richmond Virginia. We were on a mission. My father-in-law was having a special birthday and his family was hosting a surprise party, and we were part of the surprise. We flew in Friday and had homemade barbeque while staying at Chris’s grandparents’ house. Saturday we went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and waited for the birthday boy.

Sure enough, he was surprised!

Displaying image.jpeg

There were no grim reapers, but there were some crazy hats and a couple walkers, and lots of friends and family. A good time was had by all! Afterwards we wandered around the botanical garden; I was especially mesmerized by the orchids. That night we went to another party that Chris’s dad had planned and met some of his pals. Then on Sunday we flew out. So… definitely a whirlwind trip!! We really enjoyed the Virginia weather while we were there – 30s-50s, sunny, NO SNOW. Oh, it was fantastic.

Getting home from Virginia was a little more difficult. While we were waiting at the gate in Richmond, Chris found out that our flight from Chicago to Rochester had been cancelled. We found out with enough notice that we could switch our flight to Minneapolis and take the shuttle back to Rochester, but many were not so lucky. And the amount of time and money it took to get home was exasperating.

Of course then we found out that the guy next to us had been waiting to get back to Minnesota for 3 days. And they’d lost his luggage so he hadn’t been able to change clothes, shave, or any of that good stuff. Our trials paled in comparison.

Next post: I do something else daring! Well, daring for me. Normal for everyone else. 🙂

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