‘Tis the Season

January has come early this year, or I have selectively edited out the fact that December is COLD. It seems like just yesterday I was walking the dogs in sweat pants, and now I have to wear snow pants over the top. I just had an experience the other night that was very similar to Jack London’s story “To Light a Fire” except I was trying to pick up poo off my neighbor’s lawn. For the life of me I could not get the little plastic bag open! I had to go home, thaw my fingers, and return to pick it up! 

It’s cold but beautiful, with the bright glow of Christmas lights on the snow. We don’t have any Christmas lights… we haven’t even managed a tree yet this year!!… but we’re working on it. I got the Nativity scene up anyway. However, I have done some shopping, and I’ve been to several Christmassy events. For example, a MFC Girl’s Night Out in which we drank hot cocoa and played the 3 Favorite Things game (everyone brings 3 favorite things for less than $6 and goes home with 3 new favorite things!) And this weekend on another of Chris’s rare days off we went to Wabasha’s Old Fashioned Christmas.

Wabasha is one of our favorite towns. First we went to a church bazaar where I got a fantastic green scarf. Then we went to the Flour Mill, a delicious pizzeria where we always get the “fennel fig and pig” pizza –  sweet fig, spicy fennel, a hint of basil, and savory prosciutto, served with a side of an amazing view of the river!!! The adjoining chocolate shop happened to have a wine, port, and chocolate tasting so of course we sampled those and bought some of their amazing turtles. Then we wandered over to the Book Cliffs, the local used book store, and found some gems. We came back to the Flour Mill for one more glass of wine. On our way out, we stopped by a new massage parlor that’s opening that offered free coffee. If I were into massages, I would love one at this place… again, stellar view!

Then we met up with some friends to wrap Christmas presents for a little family they had adopted for Christmas. At deacons last week, someone read a devotional with a line to the effect of: “Imagine it’s your birthday but everyone gives presents to each other, not to you. That’s Christmas.” What are we giving Jesus? How are we honoring him?

Something to think about this week as we work on Christmas presents, Christmas decorating, and Christmas parties!

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