Halloween and Birthday Season!

A few friends at Bible study were discussing how old is too old for trick-or-treating. They seemed to think 12 is the cut-off and after that it is unseemly.

I wanted to defend those poor gangly awkward 12-year-olds begging for candy. “Maybe they were just really tall for their age.” Because I remember being there. I remember being rudely surprised when someone told me I might be a little too old to dress up and trick-or-treat. “Noooo!” And so for a few years after I would rollerblade around as my brother went door-to-door, wishing I could once again be a princess-mermaid-fairy filling my plastic pumpkin with candy treasures…

Thank goodness I’m an adult now and no one can tell me I’m too old to dress up!

(If they do, I just tell them Halloween is a rite of reversal and I need to participate to be true to my culture!)

We and our friends were the 4 Founders of Hogwarts – Nicole was Rowena Ravenclaw, I was Helga Hufflepuff, my Chris was Godric Gryffindor and Nicole’s Chris was Salazar Slytherin. Notice my goblet – IT’S A HORCRUX!! (So is Nicole’s diadem, for the record). Incidentally, our wands are made of wooden spoons that fell apart, aren’t we an ecofriendly bunch?

That weekend was Chris’s birthday season, which required a lovely date night at Zzest. Delicious! I can’t tell you what I ate because you would judge me… okay, it was foie gras, and it was delicious. Judge away.

On Chris’s actual birthday  I got off early from work (thanks boss!) and we had a few friends over from med school and residency along with pizza and icecream cake and Rock Band. Here’s a picture of the majority of us on the couch. As you can tell, we were all having a blast!

There is nothing better than good food, good friends, and good entertainment, whether that is dressing up and getting $3 burritos at Chipotle, or eating a verrrry nice meal with your favorite person in the world, or celebrating your favorite person with Culver’s turtle icecream cake and a few Pat Benatar songs!!! 

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