My Library Stack

Have I mentioned that I am back in school? I may have, because… my life is consumed by readings and articles and discussion posts and papers. And except for this delightful weekend, it has been hard to think about much during this damp gray dreary rainy month.  Thankfully I still have the Rochester Public Library to provide me my amazing and fully legal escape. READING.

So what’s in my books stack right now? Well, on the nonfiction side we have Just  a Nurse, a book that is definitely from the 80’s, when there actually was a nursing shortage… when HMO’s were big… when AIDS was just hitting the scene…  Then we have The Father of Forensics, a delightful look at the life and labors of Sir Bernard Spilsbury, a redheaded pathologist solving murders and playing the expert witness, very a la Sherlock Holmes.  Highly recommended especially if you like CSI and obscure early 20th century celebrities.

Then we have Something to Prove by Yvonne Thornton. I have not read her first book, The Ditch Digger’s Daughters, which is about how her father, a poor African American ditch digger, inspired most of his daughters to become doctors.  I have to say, I was not a fan of this book. She is, without a doubt, an inspiring woman – one of the first successful African American doctors. But she comes across as pushy, in her life, in her work, in her parenting. Obviously, you need to be somewhat pushy to succeed at all of those… where do you draw the line?

Then we have my Idiot’s Guide to Learning French, which I liked so much I bought.

Then we have my Melody Carlson books, my new favorite YA Christian authoress. Very inspiring. Her books are mostly in the form of journal entries, and I love first-person novels.  And speaking of first person novels… the Halo series is on my stack, although the last two books are with a friend.

I thought this series was very interesting. It was like  a heaven ‘n hell version of Twilight down to the bad boy’s name (Jake).  Bethany is the needy, angelic heroine – at least she has some heavenly powers and wings!  Xavier is her human Edward, although (spoiler alert!) he turns out to have a special destiny of his own.  And Jake is the very bad boy, downright demonic, and not above dragging a girl into Hades to win her over. The authoress is relatively young and Australian and her imagining of American small town life is delightful.

As far as religion goes, I don’t think this series is blasphemous so much as confused.  If only Bethany had taken her concerns and love for Xavier straight to God, I’m sure things would have been… better. At least love comes across as paramount. On the “uplifting” scale, this series is below C. S. Lewis and Frank Peretti, but far far above Phillip Pullman. I just felt bad inside after I read the His Dark Materials series.

Well that’s my current stack of books!! Happy reading everybody!

One thought on “My Library Stack

  1. Great book suggestions Ari! I’m intrigued with The Father of Forensics particularly at this time of year…as the weather draws in and I huddle indoors in my down comforter.
    My book stack is sorely in need of augmentation at present. I am slogging through Peter Stothard’s 382 page opus, Alexandria, the Last Nights of Cleopatra. He assures us that this, his eighth attempt to write about Cleo, will be his final attempt–one can only hope…

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