Renaissance Fun

Last Sunday we waded through a severe traffic jam and made our way to the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee. I’ve always loved renaissance festivals as a “liminal space” where weirdness is celebrated (or perhaps a two-month-long Ritual of Reversal).  The ancient, magical, and the downright strange can all be found in myriad permutations. My first couple RenFests were in Houston, although to tell the truth I don’t remember much except jousting and disgusting turkey legs, and the fact my band teacher played trumpet there
We knew one of the street performers and therefore went for many years in North Carolina. We enjoyed watching the juggling show “London Broil” and the irreverent comedy duo of “Hey Nunny Nunny.” At one London Broil I had the rare privilege of being called up on stage while they threw machetes around me.
We have attended the Minnesota RenFest for 4 of the last 5 years, once in the pouring rain. The Minnesota RenFest is different. The shows are more serious, the food is better, and there are dogs – a lot of dogs. We toyed with idea of bringing ours but we didn’t want our arms jerked out of our sockets as they enjoyed the plethora of smells. Also, I was a little concerned that they would chase down one of the little tortoises pulling a cart (donations benefit the herpetological association!) and try to eat it.  So, dog-less, we enjoyed mead and hair-braiding, looked at snakes and turtles, watched people play chess, watch a sheep -herding demonstration, and generally enjoyed being away from Roch for a day.
We wanted a picture, and naturally you can’t take a picture at a Renaissance Festival without a photo bomb. I thought it was icing on the cake personally 🙂
Can’t wait for next year!!!

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