Pesto Fiesta!

Last week we had a small group of buddies over to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The Hs, PRs and Ks joined us but the other Hs were still out of town 😦 We made use of our Costco membership for the occasion, using tortellini, pesto, tomato sauce and Parmesan bought at rock bottom unit prices (still adds up at the check-out!)

Now that we have a house we can have dogs over without fear of our landlords or fellow residents complaining. The dogs were all very excited to get into the pack although a couple were still trying to figure out dominance issues.

Here is a picture of our wonderful friends:


And here are the dogs (minus one- the Ks did not bring their doggy)


For dessert I made a scrumptious Texas sheet cake. I thought about food blogging the process but was too busy licking the spoons to take any pictures. But here is our friend blowing out the candles!


There’s nothing better than food, friends and festivities!

One thought on “Pesto Fiesta!

  1. So sad to miss it! Everyone looks great, and I’m giggling to imagine what that picture would have looked like with Izzy the Dragon at the party. Terror.

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