Fair Fun

Last Friday, Chris took me to the fair. And we had a BLAST. We got wristbands so we could do unlimited rides and made good use of that. A few years ago I said I would never do rides again because they had made me so nauseous but Chris convinced me to try them again, and I enjoyed them!

We did the tower drop twice. I love this ride – you ratchet up, slowly, slowly, looking out over the sprawl of fair rides and RVs, coming eye level with a helicopter, filled with a growing sense of dread
with no warning you plummet almost to the ground. I always scream.

The Ring of Fire (hanging upsidedown) and the Remix (whirling around) made me feel pretty dizzy and sick to my stomach, but I felt better after I ate some tamales from El Carambas (go figure!)

And it wouldn’t be a fair for me without a ride on the Ferris Wheel:


Chris and I walked around the buildings and checked out the quilts, flower arrangements and the vegetables and fruits. In previous years I have sweltered during the fair, so this time I was wearing shorts and a Tshirt. Perfect for July, right?

Wrong! It was like 50 degrees. I was shivering and had goosebumps. We ducked into the commercial tent for warmth.., and ended up with a Costco membership!!

We ate a tasty Minneapple fried apple pie. So tasty!!! Then we stopped by the petting zoo on our way out, where Chris’s picture with a goat got “photo bombed” by a lady in pink:


Afterwards we headed to Costco to enjoy our new membership, our “souvenir,” and gloat over all the things we could buy.

The fair is great for a number of reasons. It is a rare, once-a-year celebration of place, where farmers and 4H-ers mingle with the “cityfolk” and Rochester’s agricultural heritage is on display. In addition, the fair is perfect for families of all ages. Kids pet the animals and make sand art, young people ride the rides, older people listen to music at the beer garden, and everyone watches the tractor pull.

There are many other fairs in Minnesota, but the best fair is your own!

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