A Visitor!

Last week, my amazing grandmother visited our new house. She was the first occupant of our official guest bedroom. No longer do our visitors have to sleep on a couch, a sleeping bag, or a deflating air mattress. Now they get a full size bed, a dresser and side table. In fact, they get their own floor with a bathroom. Visit away!

The night that she arrived we listened to the Carillon concert – they happen 3 times a week and are very impressive. We also showed her the gorgeous Plummer building in downtown Rochester. On Tuesday, we headed for Lanesboro. Granny is one of the few people who have read my novel and Lanesboro is a partial inspiration for the fictional setting so I showed her this beautiful town, nestled in the bluff. We ate at Pedal Pushers – Granny had liver and onions and I had a delightful fish taco. (I tried liver for the first time and must say I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan!) Unfortunately the hodge-podge history museum was closed but the art center was open. What a talented community!

We had planned to visit another winery in Spring Valley but due to roadwork decided to visit the Fillmore County history museum instead. It was excellent; a lot of great period pieces. I’ll admit the mannequins were faintly creepy. But it was certainly worth a visit!!

In the evening I mowed the lawn all by myself and did a respectable job as Granny cheered me on. It was actually kinda fun in a purposeful task-oriented way but don’t tell Chris I said that šŸ˜‰ Then we took Granny to the Honkers game for some hot dogs, beer and baseball. Of course Granny and I HAD to get a shot with the Honkers’ mascot Slider.

I won’t discuss the game because it was a heartbreaker but the Honkers (and their fans) are always fun to watch.

On Wednesday we arrived at Plummer House and discovered it was open just on Wednesdays for a self-guided tour. Finally some scheduling luck!

We had a great visit and I worked on a hematology floor the next couple days. I had the same patients and really good floats. Our floor overlooked the fireworks on Silver Lake, and I caught a couple glimpses of the spectacle. Yay America!

Granny and me by “Silver Falls”

Granny and me with Slider

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