The Lawn Mower Saga

Owning your house as previously mentioned has many advantages, disadvantages and added responsibilities. One of the added responsibilities is Lawn Care. At our townhouse, mowing and shoveling were all included as part of the rent, but now we are it.

Before we went on vacation we had mowed the lawn a couple times with our friend’s reel mower and decided it was not for us. Our lawn is just a little too big, the mower swath just a little too small, and I simply don’t have the muscles (I imagine I may be doing some mowing while Chris is surviving residency).

So we decided to buy a mower. But we didn’t want a gas can. And we didn’t want a cord. And that left us with pretty much one option; a  self-propelled battery-powered electric lawn mower.

Yes, it exists.In fact, it arrived (special order) the night after we returned from Hawaii. We picked it up at the store, brought it home, and cut open the package expectantly… only to find that it had been damaged. Sad day. We took it back and decided to hire a lawn service because after our trip to Hawaii, the grass was calf-high and seeding.

I actually got turned down by one lawn service and ignored by another. The fellow I eventually found ended up charging me more than expected, although they were very nice. They did get it down to a manageable level…

This led to all kinds of existential questions. “Should we keep the lawn service? Are they overcharging us?” (yes) “Will we be dependent on them forever? Is it cheaper in the long run to mow our own?” (maybe) “Why don’t we have nice readily available manual labor at a good price?”

We decided to go ahead and spring for the good mower, and it got in last week (thanks Amazon) and works like a charm. According to Chris… I still haven’t had to mow yet. But my day is coming!

This evening, I saw a little girl playing with a pretend lawn mower while her dad mowed the real lawn. Hers was pink and blew bubbles. I need that lawn mower. Come on, girly pink mower. I bet there’s a market for it!

One thought on “The Lawn Mower Saga

  1. Mowing the lawn because you can, and not because you have to, is a great joy of home ownership. When your job consists of making decisions that strongly impact people’s lives (and both of your careers sound that way!), sometimes mowing the lawn is as close to “meditation” as a busy schedule will allow.

    Congrats on your new home!

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