Hurry Up and Wait!

My husband and I escaped to California this weekend and it was delightful – once we got there. As we landed in San Francisco I thought this is amazing! The green hillsides, some overrun with houses, the abundance of flowers and plants, and the mist burning off to reveal blue sky.

After two wonderful days of food and wineries (and meetings for Chris, and long fun drives for Ariel) we returned to sunny beautiful rainy gray Minnesota where we have come to find out that we will be getting SNOW. Not only is it cold and dreary but allergy season has set in with a vengeance. How can we have allergies without spring? It seems so unfair!

Everyone is ready for winter to be gone. But the “snain” just keeps falling, the temperature hovers just above freezing, and chunks of black snow linger in the brown grass. As far as spring goes, this year we have to “hurry up and wait.”


Because patience is a virtue

Because the sun will always rise

Because the best things are worth waiting for


On our way to California we had to sit on the tarmac for two hours, supposedly because of weather in San Francisco. Come on, weather? A little fog? In San Francisco? They tried to placate us with free TV but we were disconsolate. Of course we could get off the plane – but as they warned us repeatedly, the plane might leave at any time.

After the airports, the luggage, the waiting and the waiting, I am confident that “journey not the destination” quote was NOT talking about airplanes!

But in the end, the destination was worth it. As we drove across the gray water and through the green hills, the stress of traveling melted away, replaced by the delight of exploring the unknown. Escaping winter, we found ourselves in the glory of a California spring weekend.

Worth the winter. Worth the wait.


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