5 Things to Do on Match Day Eve

T’was the night before Match Day…

Tomorrow at noon medical students all over the country will find out where they are going for the next 1-7 years of their training.

Almost a month ago we made our rank list. Now we come to the “awarding of the door prizes” – most people will get one, the only question is whether it’s the iPod or the iPad!

Match Day is terrifying and exciting and thrilling and… terrifying. All at the same time.

Some people have a better idea than others where they are going to be. Some people know where they are going to be for four years but not for the next year. Some people have no idea at all except that they will be SOMEWHERE.

What do you do the night before such an enormous, life-changing event?

1) Pray. Prayers of thanksgiving and prayers for peace. We are thankful that Chris matched somewhere (we don’t know for sure where) and we pray that God’s hand will be on the final computer-generated decision.

2) Daydream about the residency lifestyle, conveniently forgetting the 80 hour weeks involved.

3) Try to relax, knowing that tomorrow will be a very busy and exciting day.

4) Watch TV shows that glorify the medical lifestyle, i.e. House, ER, Scrubs, etc etc

5) And yes we’re back to prayer… the Serenity Prayer  to be specific.

The Serenity Prayer, an AA classic, is great for trying times like these when you don’t know exactly what waits around the next corner.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.


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