Too Many Books

I’m reading too many books right now.

“Hold on a sec,” many of you might say. “How can you read too many books? I’m so busy I can’t read any! Stop complaining.”

And I understand – no, I agree! Complaining about having too much time to read would be silly. No, the problem right now is that I’m reading too many books AT THE SAME TIME.

Ah, now you understand. Plot details are getting crossed in my mind. Every time I pick up a book, I have to “refresh” myself to remember where I am. Worst of all, I never dedicate enough time to a book to actually finish it. I’m trapped in literary limbo!

And the books are so good I can’t prioritize and lay one aside for awhile, and they’re so different that they engage different parts of my brain.

One of the books I am reading right now is El bosque de los pigmeos (Forest of the pygmies). Yes, I’m reading it in Spanish and because it’s a young adult book by Isabel Allende, I am actually understanding the majority of the plot. This is the 3rd in a series, I read the first (City of the BeastS) in English and the second (The Kingdom of the Golden Dragon) in Spanish. They are a little over-the-top fantastic and very reminiscent of Tom Swift, Don Sturdy and other early 20th century adventure books with a good bit of supernatural woo-woo thrown in.

Another book I am reading is Terrier, by Tamara Pierce, the first of the Bekah Cooper series. I love it!! I’m sad when it will end but happy because there are more in the series, but sad because then the series will end. There may be some subconscious procrastination going on. Terrier is about a police force (the officers are called “Dogs” and trainees “Puppies”) in a city that’s a little like nineteenth century London mixed with 200 BC Greece, with magical cats and mages and fire opals and pigeons with ghosts attached and…. oh, this is making no sense. Just read it, I think it’s pretty good.

(The third book I’m reading is Crazy Love but I don’t really count this as I’m reading it for Bible Study and only read a chapter a week. And, have to say, not a big “Chan fan.”)

The fourth book I’m reading is Confederates in the Attic, about a guy’s travels through the South meeting Civil War reenactors, Daughters of the Confederacy, historians haunting the battlefield of Shiloh, hoarders of Dixie-themed items, etc etc. It’s a very entertaining travelogue. He meets some real crazies! I love it because it’s so anthropological. As a journalist, he’s a partcipant observer exploring confederate themed subcultures.

As if those weren’t enough, I went to the libs on Friday and filled up my book bag with probably 20 more pounds of books. Plus I have a few borrowed books I really need to read and return.

Time to pick one and settle down…

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