Out on the Town: Taphouse

We went out to dinner this evening with the “Youngish Adult” group from our church to the Taphouse. They have 40+ beers and some other good drinks. I was sitting between our friends who gave up alcohol for Lent and a friend who is pregnant, so I felt a leetle guilty. But not guilty enough to not order a delicious pear cider! (Chris tried a generic stout and a maple syrup stout – they both tasted like tar water to me!)

We also tried the Taphouse’s sparing selection of food. While they don’t have a kitchen, the “nibbles” we tried were tasty – a good spinach/artichoke dip, tasty oils to dip the excellent bread in, and a fascinating selection of cheeses. They had a pink and white cheese (port wine?), a parmesan, a cheddar, and most interestingly, a CHOCOLATE cheese.

One of our friends was quite distressed at the idea of chocolate cheese but it was quite good. Not as cream-cheesy as I would have thought, just a nice soft chocolate-flavored cheese. (Maybe you have to have some alcohol in you to find this normal). I didn’t think it weirder than Nutella or chocolate mousse.

I think the Taphouse is a great place to hang out. Nice ambience, reasonable decor, and a great variety of beers. About as spendy as you might expect. If you don’t expect a full food menu and are content with some light appetizers, you’ll be content!

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