5 Reasons Cross Country Skiing Is Great

1. Cross country skiing is a fantastic way to get outside in the cold snowy winter. Sure, it would be easy to curl up in the warmth of your house and play on the Internet. But it is much less depressing to go outside!!

This is a shadow image of me doing my favorite winter activity.


2. Everyone gives you credit for getting great exercise! “Wow cross country skiing. That’s tough. It burns so many calories.” Etc. It’s awesome! For a short season you can bask in a reputation as an athlete.

What they don’t realize is…

3. Cross country skiing is good exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise! Its so cold that you don’t mind the sweat, and you’re working arms AND legs.

And you can admire pretty scenery like this idyllic frozen pond:


4. I’m not one of those people who gets a rush out of exercise. Running? PUKE (that’s what I feel like doing when I run). I admire you hardcore people… Mom, Rachel, Mic… But I was not designed to run.

But cross country skiing makes me so happy! I think it must produce an unusual concentration of endorphins relative to the amount of apparent effort because I always feel so elated after a ski.

5. You see zany things while you’re skiing, like dogs with booties. Or these hardy Minnesota geese. Poor cold goose feet…


So get out and ski while you still can!

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